Hello and welcome to Isak’s table! I’m Sandra and this is my creative space where I, with a little help from my friends, will be writing a food, travel and lifestyle journal. My day job is as a designer – and this food blog is just my little bit of fun on the side. I am not a chef! Being creative I don’t like to follow recipes; people’s tastes and cooking equipment are so different anyway. Sometimes I plan our meals if there is something new we want to try and often I make something up from the ingredients we have. What we stick by is a non processed, wholesome, good quality healthy diet.

This is our family journey. Exploring through food whether that’s foraging for edible leaves in our neighboring woods, cooking up what we can grow in our own garden or experimenting with exotic food brought back from a trip. When we can’t travel physically we travel through food, explore new dishes or ways of cooking. After all, we all have to eat and what better way than to make it fun and tasty and to share it with friends?