Bbq’d porterhouse steaks with cheeky hasselbacks

We used to have Meat Mondays when we lived in Denmark; to have something to look forward to on the Sunday. To ward off that anxious Sunday feeling… It worked! We’d go for the biggest pieces of meat we could find and alternate the cooking. My most favorite meal by far was an evening at my Swedish friend Karin’s. She roasted some beautiful potatoes with lemon, rosemary and kalamata olives and we had huge horse fillet steaks. I don’t know if you still can but back then horse meat was readily available in the butcher’s. Since then my friend Karin has forgotten about me… and I haven’t (knowingly) had horse since but I still dream about those steaks… (Karin, du är fortfarande välkommen att hälsa på oss)!

This was a Meat Tuesday. A Moki and Paul Meat Tuesday. We ordered the porterhouse from Turner & George in London and they sat in the freezer for a couple of weeks before we could come up with a good reason to celebrate. (Burn off the old Christmas)! It’s not your regular Tuesday meal although I could eat this every single day. A porter steak has a large T-shaped bone with meat on each side; a bit of fillet on one and a larger bit of sirloin on the other. It’s close to a T-bone steak but a porterhouse steak is cut from the rear side of the cow and has a larger fillet.

The boys barbecued the meat outside in the dark; after the kids were fed and we had set fire to the old Christmas and shot off the left over bonfire fireworks. The old Christmas tree had been dragged out into the middle of the lawn and set on fire. We had to burn off the old Christmas so the new one could come in. An ancient Swedish tradition, we told the kids. All we really wanted  was a good reason to eat those steaks and once in a while you need to help magic along to make life more fun. Make something up! Make new traditions.We’re good at that.

Moki and I did the hasselbacks and the kid’s watched Annie. Hasselbacks are a favorite from my childhood. I used to stand on a chair in my dad’s moss green kitchen and slice the tatties carefully on a wooden spoon. The idea is that you slice them thinly but not all the way through so you end up with lots of crispy potato slices, still formed like a potato. Smothered in oil and rosemary into the oven they went!

Monica made a fantastic horseradish sauce from freshly grated root, lemon, salt and olive oil and I made a herb oil packed with garlic, coriander, basil and oregano and plenty of salt and pepper and good cold pressed olive oil. We had some steamed cabbage and garlic sauteed chard as well as some of Eden’s home grown Queensland blue pumpkin, roasted.

We grilled our 1 kilo steaks (5cm thick) on hot glowing embers for about 18 minute, let them rest for 20-30 minutes and they were perfectly medium rare.

It was delicious! A joint effort, lots of laughter and the best Tuesday dinner ever! AND a new family tradition was invented; burning off the old Christmas in November to make room for the new one in December!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 14.28.35


  • Porterhouse steaks, salt and pepper
  • Hasselbacks:
  • potatoes
  • rosemary
  • salt, pepper
  • oil
  • Herb oil:
  • coriander
  • basil
  • oregano
  • olive oil
  • salt, pepper
  • Horseradish sauce:
  • fresh horseradish, finely grated
  • lemon juice
  • salt
  • olive oil
  • Veg:
  • Queensland blue pumpkin, rostaed with the potatoes
  • cabbage, steemed
  • chard, sauteed with garlic

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