Birthday lunch on the beach

It was my partner’s birthday a few days ago and instead of lunching in a restaurant we chose to cook on the beach. My favourite thing to do! Just the two of us on an empty winter beach.

With simple ingredients and some Cornish mussels and fresh tuna from the fish monger’s, some Icelandic beer, a chopping board and two chairs we set to work.

Mussels are delicious on the bbq. They take on a slight smoky flavour and mixed with the juices from the mussels and a squeeze of lemon juice -its just heaven. We toasted some white bread drizzled with chili oil and roasted some tomatoes on there too. Perfect seaside meal!

The meal would have been complete there but we had also bought two tuna steaks and some seaweed. The seaweed made a nice salad mixed with some of the lemon juice and the roasted tomatoes. Tastes of sea and smoke, yum! Happy birthday!

And the beer… our favourite at the moment, an Icelandic IPA; Einstök. It was such a lovely  afternoon, almost like being back in Iceland.



  • mussels
  • lemon
  • tomatoes
  • chili oil
  • salt & pepper
  • bread
  • tuna
  • seaweed

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