Bloody Mary

Sometimes I make a virgin version of these and my teenager loves those. We have them in the sunshine outdoors on hot weekends if it’s before noon. Any time after noon, sometimes very shortly after, I make a grown up version. Especially if my mum or aunt is visiting.

Back in England we could by Big Tom juice – a pre-spiced tomato juice that was delicious. Here in Hong Kong we don’t have that so I make my own. The essential ingredient to me is celery and I use a celery tincture to get that pure clean celery taste into my tomato juice. Celery salt works too but tincture is tastier.

For the juice I mixed ripe tomatoes with a little cold water, fresh chili, coriander and fresh celery; I strained it in a course colander to get rid of too big bits. Then vodka, ice and salt! Squeeze of lemon. Tabasco. Herbs from the garden and a spicy chili pepper and salt rim for extra punch! I topped with fresh ground Himalayan salt and pepper. In face, think I’ll go and make myself another one right now!



  • ripe tomatoes
  • water
  • coriander
  • celery
  • salt
  • pepper
  • tabasco
  • chili
  • lemon
  • herbs
  • celery tincture drops

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