Campfire Sunday roast

A rolled shoulder of pork was the centrepiece this past Sunday’s campfire roast. Marinated in plenty of salt, coriander and fennel for 24 hours and cooked long and slow in a Dutch oven outdoors. We pre cooked it inside for three hours and it had another two hours (with a lemon, a bulb of garlic and a cup of water) outside.

Cooking and eating outdoors is one of the best things I know. The kid’s are free, running around, getting muddy and connecting with nature. I love the peacefulness of it, the simplicity and the extra work trailing it all into the woods. Getting your bum wet from sitting on a mossy log. The crackling of fire. The preparation. The wait. Makes you feel like you have earned your dinner. That’s a good feeling.

We had some raw potato slices on the plancha with some fried organic cabbage to go with the meat. Simple and rustic – but so very tasty!

The amazingly tasty pork came from Charlie’s farm.


  • rolled shoulder of good quality pork
  • coriander and fennel seeds
  • a lemon
  • plenty of slat and pepper
  • a whole garlic
  • potatoes and cabbage for the plancha
  • a fire

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