Caramelized apricots with Cointreau, rosemary and thyme

Caramelized apricots with Cointreau, rosemary and thyme, and a bit of coconut ice cream if you wish. I’m experimenting with Christmas deserts here. My grandparents baked all their cakes and breads; they never bought anything ready made. I loved spending time in their houses, loved the family dinners and I think I picked up a lot of cooking from them – but I never learned how to bake. I don’t understand why. When it comes to baking for me, I have to concentrate. In baking, it seems to me that you have to be so exact, and I think that’s the part in me that resists it. It’s not a blank canvas where you mix and add flavours as you wish. It’s like a mathematical equation, and I don’t like maths. But I do like the idea of baking; how the aromas spread through the house and the smile on my kids’ faces when they sink their teeth into a warm freshly made cake after school. So, I’m trying to learn. Hence the Christmas dessert practice yesterday…

I have written about friend peaches and apricots here before and today is probably not going to be the last time. They are soooo good! In the summer we cook them over fire outdoors and I think that really adds to the flavour but they work well indoors too. I made little short breads biscuits to try with this, and when covered in chocolate, they went quite well with the ice cream and apricots.

For short bread, see here and for coconut ice cream see here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 14.28.35


  • apricots
  • sugar
  • fresh rosemary and thyme
  • a large splash of Cointreau

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