Ceviche with baby sweetcorn

I was looking forward to eating so much ceviche in Panama but I also knew that we would be spending most part of our time up in the mountains. The only times we were close enough to the coast to safely eat raw fish, it was during our two quick stops in Panama City. I didn’t get my ceviche fix at all! So I keep experimenting at home and this was last night’s recipe, fully approved (well by four our of five family members). I wanted to use sea bass for this but our fish monger didn’t have any. I always ask him what I can eat raw and he finds the me the freshest fish; on this day it was either plaice or cod and we picked the plaice.

Marinading in lemon and lime juice won’t kill bacteria the way that heat does so it’s important to use the highest quality fish. The acid does not cook the fish but causes the proteins to change and become denatured, appearing to be cooked. I make up the marinade and add in the fish and veg last. Marinading time 15-20 minutes, no more.  If you prefer your fish less “cooked” marinading only few minutes is enough.

I love the more traditional flavours of lime, chili and coriander in a ceviche but I have never had a truly authentic ceviche experience. On my bucket list is a culinary trip to Peru and Ecuador. It’s hard to escape the use of sweetcorn in Latin America; it’s such an important staple and it exists in such an array of varieties. It’s commonly put in ceviches although I have never tried it. (Hence the baby sweetcorn in this recipe).

For a Swedified version see this recipe of artic char and dill ceviche.


The above is a photo of a Chevicheria in which we never ate but were fascinated by; Cevicheria Papo in Volcán, Panama. I wonder what kind of restaurant they made the front of the car into?



  • plaice (super fresh)
  • lemon and lime juice
  • chili
  • red onion
  • coriander
  • red pepper
  • raw baby sweetcorn
  • olive oil
  • salt

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