Chili salsa

The chilis ar huge over here! In fact, I bought some in a market because I thought they were red peppers, but they were not! I had to do something with them so whipped up a quick chili salsa to have with some grilled chicken. The first batch only lasted a few days, we enjoyed it that much. Even the kids have starting liking chili sauces now.

We didn’t have a blender yet so I chopped all the ingredients by hand which I quite like as this makes more into a salsa with crunchy peaces than a sauce where everything is finely blended into one. I finely chopped a load of red chilli, garlic and coriander. I mixed this with a little sugar, olive oil and white vinegar. It’s ready to eat straight away but I quite like it after a few days when it’s fermented a little and the flavours have mellowed.

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