Cooked fruit with sloe gin and matcha ice cream

Silver currants and gooseberries are the summer berries of my childhood. Add sweet peaches to that, thyme from the garden and sloe berry gin from down the road and it’s the perfect marriage between Sweden and England. And with a matcha ice cream to include a taste of Asia, as that’s where we’re living now…

I cook these peaches with various fruits and herbs all the time. At first the kids weren’t such fans but now there’s no stopping them form second and third helpings. I love that where me and my husband’s childhood puds were made from tinned pears and peaches – our kid’s childhood pud is made from fresh ones cooked on the bbq in the garden.

I didn’t add any sugar to this dish this time as the sloe gin is very sweet. It created the most delicious syrup.

Add the fruits and berries to the pan, pur over the sloe gin and let it cook until the fruit is as soft as you desire. Top with extra fruit and serve with cream or ice cream. I had some home made matcha ice cream which worked well; I liked the green tea flavour together with the thyme.



  • peaches
  • currants
  • gooseberries
  • thyme
  • sloe gin
  • ice cream

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