Cooking on the beach

I love cooking on the beach. I grew up cooking freshly caught fish by the lake side. The little marina where my dad has his boat is surrounded by forests in which you can pick chanterelles and ceps, lingonberries and blueberries in abundance. The lake is full of char, pike perch and crayfish. There’s a permanent BBQ and a smoker where every year the finest venison, pork bellies and elk sausages are cured and hot smoked.

Life in England is so very different from life in the Swedish woods but sometimes England surprises you. Once or twice a year we get a really hot summer’s day and all our friends can meet up for a fun day at the beach. I love those days.

Food is always at the center and the BBQ wasn’t just invented to cook sausages. Everyone brings something and we share it all. This time Paul roasted a wonderful leg of lamb wrapped in bay branches. Juliette made wonderful woked greens with tamari and sesame seeds. Eme and Gabriel made beautiful fruit kebabs and cooked the most gorgeous halloumi. Nick cooked a butternut squash in the embers and dressed it with olive oil and herbs. I cooked a chicken seasoned in sea water, served with guacamole on little tortillas that Monica cooked on the fire.

But sometimes, the simplest and most humble food is the most delicious. For me, the winning dish on this day was Bennett’s own caught makrell, grilled on the bbq and eaten with just a few drops of lemon juice. Kid’s couldn’t get enough. Next time I won’t drag my tortilla press to the beach. I’ll just bring Bennett and his fishing rod.



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