A daal style lentil soup with extra ginger and turmeric

Tuesdays are drama and swimming lesson days in our house and needless to say – a lot of driving, dropping off and picking up is required. So Tuesday dinners need to either be simple and quick or prepared in advance. They are not very often prepared in advance, I have to admit… but it happens that I stick something on the cooker or in the oven that will be ready by the time we’re all back. This week it was a daal style lentil soup with extra ginger and turmeric.

I cooked red lentils in a home made chicken stock, (proper chicken stock – the base of all goodness) fresh grated large nobs of turmeric and ginger, a red chili, garlic and sea salt on low heat for half an hour. Finished with a spoonful of coconut fat, black sesame seeds and coriander. Easy, clean and yummy!

Serve with naan or flatbread or perhaps a little rice?


  • red lentils
  • chicken stock
  • fresh turmeric
  • fresh ginger
  • a red chili
  • garlic
  • seasalt
  • coconut fat
  • coriander
  • balck sesame seeds

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