Elderflower lemonade

This year I have really enjoyed watching spring unfold. Every week new edibles have sprung, started growing and come into season. It’s still a little early for the elderflower but I have found a couple of sunny spots where a few of the flowers are ready. We went on a cycle ride the other day and came home with a cycle babsekt full of wild elderflower. I wanted to try to make an elderflower lemonade for the kids. I had never made it before so it was one of my many fun kitchen experiments, my guilty Sunday funday pleasure. A very successful one if I may say so myself, although very easy to make so no great risk to mess this up!

I heated up some water and stirred in sugar and let it cool down to room temperature before I added fresh lime and lemon juice and last the elderflower. I let it infuse for a good 20 minutes until the kids couldn’t wait any longer and just had to try this fragrant concoction. More! More! they chimed and before we knew it, it was gone. It’s amazing that so much flavour and sweetness can come from a flower. The flowers sweeten the lemonade too, so go easy on the sugar.

When the elder is in full bloom I will pick some more and make a big batch, infuse for a whole 24 hours and freeze into ice cubes. I didn’t wash the flowers for risk of loosing any pollen and flavour but made sure they were clean and picked from high branches and sieved it through a muslin cloth before serving. I’m now dreaming up other uses of elderflower, I think a pannacotta or a jelly would be amazing.


  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 1/2 dl of sugar (or less if you prefer it not so sweet)
  • the juice of 2 lemons and 2 limes
  • two large fistfuls of elderflowers

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