Greek yogurt with wild elderberries

We have really been enjoying the elder this year. First the blossoms; we made some delicious lemonades and cordials and some scrummy elderflower gin & tonics… Then we pickled some unripe berries which turned out delicious too; crunchy and aromatic. Now we are picking the ripe elderberries and are starting to experiment with them. First up was elderberry breakfast of greek yoghurt and fresh berries. Nice! But I’ll trow in some more fruit next time and a bit of honey… I have been waiting for the berries to ripen as I wanted to eat them for their claimed health benefits.

Elderberries are said to boost the immune system and treat cold and flu symptoms, reduce congestion, relieve arthritis pain, sooth upset stomachs, relieve gas, as well as detox. Besides lots of flavonoids and free radical-scouring antioxidants, elderberries contain 87 percent of the daily value in vitamin C, and high amounts of vitamin A, potassium, iron, vitamin B6, fiber, and betacarotene. BUT, elderberries are astringent and if eating too many raw ones you can feel nauseous and some people experience vomiting so if you have a sensitive tummy it’s best to cook the elders before you eat them.


  • yoghurt
  • fresh wild elderberries

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