Hasselbacks – various kinds

I used to make Hasselback potatoes with my dad growing up, they were our weekend potato accompanying a piece of nice meat and a béarnaise sauce, also in high fashion then. Then I forgot about Hasselbacks until a couple of years ago. Now I like to make them with sweet potato and pumpkin or any potato or root veg that can be roasted in the oven. My dad taught me to cut the potatoes in a wooden spoon, that way you can’t cut all the way through. The potatoes are said to be invented by Leif Elisson in 1953, who was a trainee chef in restaurant Hasselbacken, Stockholm.

My dad put a dollop of butter on each potato and sprinkled them with breadcrumbs for extra crunchy topping. I sometimes use goose fat instead if I want a crunchy topping I put some finely chopped nuts and seeds on top.

The butternut squash is delicious finished off with wild garlic butter… and I love the crunchy top bits and softer center. I smother them in oil and salt before roasting in a hot oven for about 20 minutes depending on the size and veg.



  • potatoes or root vegetables
  • oil
  • salt
  • butter
  • herbs to sprinkle on after

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