Hay cooked clams

It was Sunday funday again and my friend Paul had the brilliant idea to cook clams under hay. My favourite thing to do on a sunny Sunday is a bit of campfire cooking with friends; it gets the kids outside and involved. I love how kids just get busy in the woods. They make up games, build dens, sharpen sticks….  There’s space to run around, be noisy and get messy. They feel free and free kids are happy kids.

When it was time for lunch everyone got stuck in setting up the clams. The first one in the middle, bum up so the hay couldn’t get in. We used a little clay to stick the first clam down and the rest were neatly arranged around. This must have taken half an hour for the kids to arrange and all four of them helped. They had so much fun.

Then to the hay part. Paul had found some organic local hay in the pet shop, with flowers still in it! The kids piled fistful onto the clams until the whole bag was empty. Then we set it on fire! When they hay had burned down the clams were ready to be eaten. They were delicious! The kids went mad for them. Even Eden, who doesn’t like fish or seafood – had 10! This felt like a milestone achievement. Get the kids involved in the cooking and they will eat! After more playing we had a camp fire roast dinner, you can read about it here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 14.28.35


  • fresh clams
  • hay
  • fire

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