Honey and cinnamon simmered pears and figs

Honey and cinnamon simmered pears and figs for lunch? Once in a while, when the kids are at school I eat desert for lunch, just because I can. Sometimes you just fancy something warm and sweet and the more winter is dragging on I miss my summer barbecued peaches. Next best thing is cinnamon simmered pears. It’s like a pear pie, without the pie. I never really liked pastry, a sprinkle of nuts does it for me. A dollop of custard would have been good with these pears but I didn’t have any and anyway, that would have been far too indulgent for a mid week lunch!

The pear halves and figs simmered for about 5 minutes or so in honey, cinnamon a little water and a sprig of rosemary and one of thyme, just to get warmed through. Very satisfying!

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