Lemon and black pepper squid

Since having garlic and chili squid in a small local shack of a place on Lantau island, Hong Kong, ten years ago – we eat a lot of squid in our family. When our local fish monger have fresh and in season squid, we almost always buy some. This time I fried it quickly (well under a minute) in a hot pan and seasoned with salt, dried lemon rind, fresh black pepper and a squeeze of lemon. We eat it like this as a snack or starter, with rice or as a side as part of a meal.

The squid needs to be scored on the softer inside of the flesh to curl up beautifully when cooked.

I like to gut the squid myself and get the kids to help. They often find little fishes in the tummy of the squid that they like to examine. I think it’s important to get kids involved with food. Not just teach them where food comes from and their nutritional value – but to touch it, peel it, cut it, gut it and get to know it. I want my kids to understand food, as much as possible from start to finish – as well as being able to cook it and eat it. I know this may sound gross to some – but I love the fact that two of my kids fight over eating the eyes of the fish we cook. I love that they will all have a go and taste almost anything from freshly caught sea urchins to smoked reindeer heart.



  • fresh squid
  • lemon juice and lemon rind
  • black pepper
  • oil or fat to cook in
  • a dash of chili if you like
  • salt

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