Mirin, soy, ginger, lime and sesame aubergines

I bought these little baby aubergines in Borough market up in London and didn’t quite know how to cook them at first until I decided to roast them for lunch on a particularly cold day. I roasted them in mirin for sweetness, soy for saltiness and lime for  acidity. And then ginger and sesame oil for aromatics and a little chili on top! I had these for lunch on their own but a little yoghurt dressing would have been nice and maybe some freekeh or tabbouleh.

I roasted these all together in a cast iron pot on 160 degrees for about 20 minutes. A warming little dish on a cold day, as a side or served cold in a salad.


  • aubergines
  • ginger
  • lime
  • chili
  • mirin
  • soy
  • sesame oil

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