Miso udon with tofu ginger and coriander

Miso and chicken stock udon noodles with tofu, ginger, dulce seaweed and coriander. I can’t think of a quicker or healthier breakfast to have on a cold winder’s day!

I had already made the chicken stock last night and boiled up the udon in the broth with a dollop of yellow miso and a teaspoon of dried dulce seaweed flakes. Once the noodles were ready I put in the tofu, a handful of thinly chopped coriander, tablespoon of raw grated ginger and some matchsticked raw courgette, just to be warmed through. 5 minutes, tops, an you’re ready to go! (I actually ate it out of the pot as well… No one was looking).

I think all these ingredients were bought from M&S but the Japan Centre also has a great selection of Japanese ingredients, as do Sou Chef… in fact, I might go on there now to buy myself some Christmas presents…


  • home made chicken stock
  • udon noodles
  • tofu
  • yellow miso paste
  • ginger
  • coriander
  • dulce seaweed
  • dash of soy if it need a bit more salt

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