Mulled wine and blue cheese Sunday

Being in Hong Kong you meet so many new people! I have met some lovely girls here and we have already started a little tradition! Every Sunday we meet up for Sundayfunday. Over a few drinks or some food. At someones house or on a beach. This Sundayfunday we met at my house over a few glasses of mulled wine. It’s been getting really chilly here and the girls, who also run a clothing company called Sunday Stories brought over some samples for me to try. Cheers to new friends, warm cashmere clothing and homemade mulled wine!

I have been making mulled wine back in England for years. It’s close to Swedish glögg but not as sweet. I sometimes use some last minute brandy or whisky or even cognac… but this time I only used wine. Be careful not to boil the alcohol out of the wine though! You wouldn’t want to deprive yourself from that happy little early evening buzz. Alcohol has a lower boiling point than water and starts to vaporise at 78.5°, so long before the mulled wine boils. Keep your eyes on it!

I like to make a spice base by simmering freshly squeezed oranges and a lime, fresh ginger, sugar and all the dry spices. If I’m very organised I prepare this the day before and let the spices really infuse. This syrup needs to be really intense as the flavours will dilute once you add the wine. I then just pour in the wine and bring it up to as close to 78.5 degrees as I have patience to wait for. Then drink! And pour another one. Skål!

Oh and the biscuits! Well, it’s something my dad got me into years ago. Blue cheese on ginger bread cookies – it’s delicious! Sweet, spicy, cheese and salty. Yum! I like to make a cream by adding a little greek yoghurt to the cheese and then just slather it over the biscuits. Swedish gingerbread biscuits are thin and spicy, it has to be this kind. Shop bought or homemade, they are sold in supermarkets all over the world. The thick and flavourless kind does not work. If you don’t have gingerbread some oats biscuits work well too.


  • red wine
  • cinnamon sticks
  • oranges or clementines, I like to add a lime too
  • cloves
  • cardamon
  • fresh ginger
  • sugar or honey


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