Orange and lavender porridge

This orange and lavender porridge is a take on a Swedish classic Christmas porridge pudding. A bit like a rice pudding – but with oranges and almonds and nice chunky oats for texture.

Porridge always needs a bit of sprucing up, lots of textures and flavours added to it otherwise it’s just too boring in my opinion. I had left over chunky oat porridge from the kid’s breakfast.  It’s still sunny and warm out there so I didn’t fancy eating the porridge hot. I came to think about the Swedish citrus rice pudding, it’s always served cold. I added a handful of almond meal, cinnamon, finely ground dried lavender to the porridge, chunks of orange and clementines as well as a dollop of berry honey to finish it off. (If I had had almonds I would have added those too for more crunch). Perfect cheeky breakfast! Almost like a pudding.



  • chunky oats
  • milk
  • cinnamon
  • almond flour
  • oranges
  • lavender
  • honey

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