Ouzo cured salmon for Christmas

Cured salmon is a staple on the Christmas table and in fact pretty much throughout the year for us. We will have this for Christmas breakfasts and as part of the Swedish Christmas dinner. I normally cure with gin or vodka but this time I tried ouzo and as of yesterday this is a new favourite!

The anise flavour of the ouzo goes really well with the coriander seed and citrus. I don’t add sugar because I don’t think it needs it, the orange zest adds enough sweetness.

The salmon needs to be frozen for 2 days to make sure parasites and bacteria are dead. It’s ready to eat after 24 hours but this time it needed another 24 hours to firm up a little more as I didn’t go too heavy on the salt. The salt draws out the moisture and makes the fish firm, too slithery a texture isn’t pleasant and it’s harder to cut too. I’m not keen on using measurements as it often comes down to personal taste; a fistful of salt for a whole salmon side does it for me.

You can find another recipe for cured (and if you wish smoked) salmon here using vodka and dill.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 14.28.35


  • good quality salmon side
  • salt
  • coriander seeds
  • ouzo
  • pepper, I used long pepper
  • orange, lemon and lime zest

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