Salted cucumbers and pickled nasturtiums

This weekend we made these beautiful salted cucumber and pickled nasturtiums. My friend Helen grows star and heart shaped cucumbers and she gave me some with the challenge of making as many different things with them as I could. Always up for a challenge like that, I set to work! Inspired by my aunty Kicki, who always makes the most delicious pickles and other yummies, I made two types of pickled cucumber. The heart shaped cucumber was turned in to salty cucumber pickle. This is a very Swedish thing, we love our salted cucumber! This little cucumber got to swim in a bath of salt and water, parsley and coriander. The aroma of the herbs really come through and is a really important part of the taste in this quick pickle. It needs a couple of hours to soak up the flavours and lasts days in the fridge although I prefer to eat it fresh.

The star shaped cucumber was turned into a sweet and vinegary pickle with chilli, nasturtiums and red onion. I had never thought of pickling nasturtiums before but it’s delicious and looks so pretty on the plate. The veg soaked in a mixture of hite wine vinegar, water, salt and sugar. I don’t use measurements, just keep adding until you’ve reached the desirable taste. It’s like mixing paint. A lot of fun!

We eat pickles like these as accompaniment to a fish or meat dinners or on sandwiches. Give it a go! The lidded bowls are from my latest collection Midnattssol. I’m very happy with this design as I love when things are functional and can be used for several things. This bowl is a serving bowl and a storage bowl and the lid can be used as a plate on it’s own as well. The Midnattssol range will launch later this autumn and will be available through chosen retailers and Isak.


  • Salted cucumbers:
  • cucumbers
  • water
  • salt (a lot)
  • coriander
  • parsley
  • Pickled cucumber and nasturtiums:
  • cucumber
  • nasturtiums
  • red onions
  • chilli
  • salt
  • sugar
  • water
  • white wine vinegar

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