Roast chicken with wilted wild garlic

Sunday funday’s traditional roast chicken had a facelift yesterday. We love a roast chicken and we love a roast dinner, but yesterday was sunny and warm so our winner winner chicken dinner turned into a lighter dinner of a deep aromatic chicken broth with wilted wild garlic leaves, roast chicken that had had its insides stuffed with wild garlic, oregano and lemon. Then topped with a wild garlic kimchi. I made some chunky sweet potato and parsnip wedges too for the boys.

I rubbed the chicken with ghee, salt and pepper, stuffed the insides full of herbs and roasted the chicken and a couple of onions on 160 degrees for about an hour. Once ready I removed the chicken from the pan and added some water to the cooking juices and onions to make a broth or maybe more like a thin gravy, without removing any of the fat. I wilted the wild garlic in the gravy and served up the chicken sitting topped off with some wild garlic kimchi.

I turned the left over broth made from the roast chicken carcass into a pastina (soup with little pasta) for the boys to take as school lunch today. My Swedish friends and family think the phenomena of a packed lunch is very strange, as did I years ago. Here in England (as in many other places and countries) there are not necessarily hot school meals available at school. For the last few years there’s a cantina serving food in our primary school (that you pay for) but the quality of the food isn’t always that great. They still serve too much processed food.

See post about wild garlic kimchi here.


  • organic chicken
  • ghee
  • salt and pepper
  • herbs and lemon for stuffing the carcass (I used oregano and wild garlic)
  • wild garlic, or spinach or maybe some chard when the ramson is out of season
  • a little kimchi or other ferment to add a bit more crunch and flavour on top

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