Salmon mousse for Easter

Salmon mousse! What a blast from the past! It reminds me of early 1990 Easter celebrations; canapés washed down with moonshine, drunken relatives and arguments by the kitchen sink. I had never made salmon mousse myself before because I prefer my salmon raw, cured or smoked but I made this for a cooking event at our kid’s school. It’s an international school with over 40 different nationalities and once a year, they hold a food festival. I was part of the Swedish team and needed to make something Swedish to sell. Someone suggested salmon mousse. It was a great idea! Creamy and smoky salmon on rye bread with dill. What’s not to like?! The event went well and we sold out of salmon mousse squares. Afterwords I had a bit of mousse left and had a little play around making different things with it as you can see here.

I figured that if I was taking a trip down memory lane I might as well take it to town! I went for it. Egg halves! Every Christmas and every Easter throughout my childhood. Here, egg halves with salmon mousse and vegetables. Avocado, sprouts, onions and dill. Lemon juice and olive oil. The mousse is very rich because of the sour cream it’s nice to balance with plenty of lemon and veggies. The green and purple leaves are sweet potato leaves. I made a few versions of salmon mousse on cucumbers and on rye bread. Quite a breakfast that day! But then it was Mother’s Day…

Instead of smoking the salmon I gently cooked it in lapsang souchong tea, onion, salt and dill. I let the salmon cool in the cooking water to infuse further before blending it with sour cream and serving it on rye bread. And on eggs as well as on cucumber chunks. It tasted very nice! And made for pretty little bites. Perfect for the upcoming Easter!

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