Salt marsh rack of lamb

A beautiful local salt marsh rack of lamb was on the dinner table last night! The family is not going to spend Easter together this year, we are all going off on different adventures. The little ones are spending Easter with grandparents, being spoiled with love and chocolate like little boys should. The pre-teen is going snowboarding with dad and me, well, I’m taking my dad on a real adventure. We are going trekking in the Darien jungle, fishing for barracuda in the Carrabeean sea, climbing mount Totuma in La Amsted rainforest in Costa Rica and then finishing off with deep sea fishing in the Pacific. More about that here later! So since we’re not spending Easter together we are having our Easter traditions a couple of weeks in advance. The Easter egg hunt was last weekend and the Easter lamb we had last night. A beautiful local salt marsh rack of lamb with steamed spinach, broad beans and sautéed chicory. This lamb is perhaps a little on the rare side for some but I quite like my meat rare and the kids prefer theirs a bit more cooked.

With the lamb we had wilted spinach with a little bit of good quality soya sauce and sesame seeds and fried chicory with a squeeze of lemon juice. Steamed and deshelled broadbens with fresh mint from the garden.

I marinated the lamb in plenty of slat and pepper, finely chopped rosemary and lemon zest before frying it off in a pan and then letting it finish off in the oven for ten minutes whilst finishing off the veg.

Sautéed or fried chicory is delicious and quite a new discovery for me. It needs plenty of salt and lemon juice after sautéeing on medium low heat for a few minutes. Top with minted broadbeans for a quick and delicious Easter meal!



  • rack of lamb
  • salt& & pepper
  • rosemary & lemon zest
  • spinach
  • soya
  • sesame seeds
  • broad beans
  • mint
  • chicory
  • lemon
  • olive oil

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