Seaweed, sea salt and chili popcorn

Friday night and the boys wanted popcorn. Their favorite is salt and sugar combined but I wanted to spice it up a bit and add something that was actually going to be good for them, so tried this version of salt, chili and seaweed – which went down a storm! It’s fun to play around with flavors. Another popular one in our house is cumin and lime zest. If they kids had their way we would tray melted butter and salted caramel – but that’s taking it too far in my opinion… Well, maybe for a birthday or something. In fact, could be quite yummy to pour over melted caramel and cool down… hmmm… something to think about, there’s a birthay for a 7 year old coming up in May. Until then we’re sticking to salty and slightly healthier chili, sea salt and seaweed popcorn.

I got my bright green seaweed flakes from Sous Chef.


  • popcorn
  • oil
  • sea salt
  • dried seaweed flakes
  • dried chilli flakes

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