Seaweed and noodle salad, seared tuna and ginger broth

We had this seaweed and glass noodle salad with a ginger and kaffir lime broth for lunch today. With that, some seared tuna with wasabi and pickled ginger and a ginger, honey, soy and sesame oil dipping sauce.

We eat a lot of seaweed in our family; wakame, kelp, kombu and atlantic dulce. Packed with fibre as well as calcium, iodine, folate and magnesium  they are great for detoxing and said to regulate hormones and prevent certain cancers. Oh, and they taste delicious too! The seaweed used here come from Sous Chef.

If I don’t have a chicken broth prepared already I often make a dashi, or if even less time, a quick miso broth with some good quality miso paste. Here I used a chicken stock made from carrot, celery, onions and chicken bones that had been cooking for at least half an hour with plenty of ginger and kaffir lime leaves. I fried off the bones and veg first to get all those lovely caramelised flavours to come out, then in with the water, ginger and kaffir.

I like my tuna raw in the middle, so only fried it for a couple of minutes in coconut fat on each side. It was seasoned before frying with a little salt and pepper and some black sesame. I topped it with some fine seaweed flakes before serving.

The dipping sauce for the tuna was made with soy, ginger, chilli, garlic, sesame oil and honey.

I love fresh wasabi but I didn’t have any today so tubed one had to do. If the stock is already prepared – this is a quick lunch. Yummy, light and so nutritious.


  • glass noodles
  • seaweed
  • tuna
  • salt and pepper
  • black sesame seeds
  • wasabi
  • pickled ginger
  • For the broth:
  • fried off chicken bones (with a little meat still on)
  • onion
  • carrot
  • celery
  • water
  • ginger
  • kaffir lime leaves
  • Dipping sauce:
  • soy
  • honey
  • sesame oil
  • raw grated ginger
  • finely chopped chilli
  • grated garlic

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