Swedish summer rice bowl

One early summer’s day last year, feeling a little saturated with Swedish heavy dishes we made this Swedified version of Japanese rice bowls. The apple blossoms had just come out and the garden was alive with fragrance and bees collecting pollen and drinking nectar. Not wanting to miss any of this we carried a table out to under the apple tree and that’s where we had our lunch.

Our kids love these rice bowls. Perfect with a little meat or fish left overs. We had had guests over the night before and barbecued a large piece of ginger, soy, garlic and honey marinated piece of sirloin. We had plenty of meat leftovers to feed all five of us for lunch but the little kids ate lunch at school. (This was the year when schooling went tits up and our younger ones ended up attending my childhood school in rural Sweden).

The left over medium rare meat was thinly sliced and drizzled with a honey, soy, grated garlic and ginger dressing. I had Vietnamese koriander growing in the garden and used a handful of this and a small handful of spruce needle tips for a fresh burst of acidity. The great thing with rice bowls is that you can take whatever veg you happen to have. We often use broccoli and avocado, some form of beets or carrots and always something sweet pickled. I had some pickled wild garlic flowers from May left which were delicious and a kimchi made from the wild garlic leaves. It was topped off with wild edible flowers and sorrel leaves from the garden.

I seasoned the rice with rice wine, sesame seeds, seaweed and soy.



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