Sweet pickled garlic flowers

I made these back in May and only recently tried them, these sweet vinegary crunchy wild garlic flowers are delicious!  And I realised that I never wrote about them back in May, so think it’s worth a mentioning now. I lactose fermented lots of wild garlic, made kimchi with some, dried and froze some and made pestos and chermoulas with the rest. Although they all keep very well it’s time for us to finish off everything in our fridge and larder – as we are moving over seas shortly.

The sugar to vinegar ratio is entirely to taste. I dissolved the sugar in the vinegar on the hob, brought to the boil and kept tasting and adding more sugar and mixed in a little water as it was on the sharp side. I placed the garlic flowers in a sterilised jar and topped up with the pickling liquid. It can be eaten after a day or so but more flavours will develop over time. Mine had been fermenting for about two months in the fridge.

I made two versions of this pickle, one with red onions, rose petals and a dash of rose water added. The rose water and the petals add a fragrance to the pickle that I really like. Both these pickles are great with cheese and I love to use them as a sweet accompaniment with meat and fish dishes. I like to eat like the Vietnamese do. (And the old Swedes actually)! Savoury mixed with something sweet, something cooked, something raw and fragrant. Something warm and something cold.

I can’t wait to get to China to see what I can pickle and preserve over there!


  • wild garlic flowers
  • vinegar
  • sugar
  • black pepper corns
  • for the rose and onion version:
  • rose water
  • red onion slices



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