Tomatoes, lemon and mussels on the barbecue

With a tendency to overcomplicate and go a bit overboard, I’m trying to simplify and learn that less is more. And these mussels are just that, a perfect delicious meal with very few ingredients. Fresh mussels, lemon, tomatoes, bread and oil. I have written about this combo before but it’s just too good not to mention again. And I need to put it here to remind myself of cooking more like this.

Cooking outdoors over open fire on a beautiful sunny day, summer or winter – is one of our favourite things to do. The boys can run around and be as noisy as they wish. Clams and mussels are great on the BBQ as they come in their own little cooking pots and no salt is needed; the sea water inside them salts them naturally and steams them gently. As soon as they open they are ready.

I like to have one bowl of the grilled mussels and one smaller bowl with the soft grilled tomatoes smashed up, the juice of the grilled lemon and a good glugg of garlic chilli olive oil. Drizzle this over the mussels or use to dip your bread. So satisfying.



  • mussels
  • lemon
  • tomatoes
  • chilli and garlic oil
  • bread

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