Tuna ceviche for Valentine’s

Tuna ceviche with fresh wasabi, raw ginger, chilli, coriander, soy and lime wrapped up in nori – is my idea of the perfect lunch. I call this a ceviche but it needs to be eaten as soon as you squeeze the lime over it in my opinion, so it’s also a tartar.

My husband travels a lot so we often have weekend in the middle of the week, Sunday lunch on a Monday and dinner for breakfast.  Today we had an early Valentine’s lunch. It was mainly due to the amazing sushi grade tuna at our local fish monger’s and not because we slavishly have to celebrate Valentine’s but I do find eating like this quite romantic…

The wasabi is from The Wasabi Company.


  • tuna
  • soy
  • coriander
  • lime zest and juice
  • chilli
  • wasabi
  • ginger

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Theo Felgate

The ceviche looks incredible! So Much to it but also so simple and easy to make.


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