Unfermented, same day, kimchi

I love eating fermented food but sometimes it can be a little too much and I crave fresh and crunchy food. So as not to miss out on kimchi, which I love, I tried to make an unfermented, no anchovy sauce version.  A quick pickle, made and eaten in the same day version. Love it! The flavours are pretty close to the fermented version although perhaps not the same depth of flavour but the veg are nice and crunchy. To me, this is a great substitute if you sometimes want to avoid fermented anchovy sauce and the wait of natural fermentation.

My first version was with green radish, carrot and red pepper. It went really well with some wholemeal rice and slow cooked pork belly… And as crunchy veg toppings in a good morning broth with black been noodles the day after…


  • veg of your choice
  • Korean red pepper flakes
  • grated ginger
  • grated garlic

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