Wasabi oysters and Bloody Mary in the woods

We had a great wasabi oysters and Bloody Mary get-together in the woods with our friends recently. Now, this might sound like a rather strange thing to do in winter, and initially it also did to my friends, I’m sure, but enjoying food outdoors is something I grew up with, summer or winter, rain or shine and there’s something about that that I really love. When all the oysters were eaten we just trotted to the pub to get warmed up. (Some of us might have skipped because Bennet’s home spiced rum from Reunion Island was just to damn good not to have seconds of)…

The wasabi oysters had bonito flakes, nori, lime and wasabi pickled cucumber and pickled ginger.

We also had some Vietnamese oysters, see here. The fresh wasabi came from the Wasabi company.

See here for other oyster recipes. And see here for Bloody Mary recipe.


  • Wasabi pickled cucumber
  • lime
  • cucumber
  • fresh wasabi
  • salt and sugar
  • Other toppings:
  • nori, dried seaweed
  • gari, pickled ginger
  • bonito flakes, dried tuna flakes

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