Wild boar casserole

Since I haven’t posted for 2! years, there’s an enormous back log to go through. 2019 disappeared, we all know why. In 2018 I was busy travelling and clocked 16 adventure trips that year. All of which is still to be posted. Last year we spend many months in Sweden and I got to, for the first time in over 20 years, experience the seasons again. I got to watch how Sweden, ever so slowly, comes to life. Once again I got to live through that long agonising wait for warmer weather and spring when slowly edible (and not edible) life starts to grow. I got to forage, pickle and preserve to my hearts content – but there was no extra time for blogging in-between work, homeschooling, cooking and fishing, so this wild boar casserole was from almost a year ago. Cooked on the wood fired stove in our little red house by the lake. The boar, let me tell you about the meat… This is the beauty with Sweden and family. I only had to mention wanting to try wild boar to my cousins wife Malin before she made a phone call to a farmer. A few days later, the meat was ready to be collected! The farmer had gone straight out and shot a young pig, sent the obligatory meat sample away for testing and we could collect the meat. Brilliant! Although later on we would marinade and bbq all the other pieces and eat them in various ways, this casserole was the first dish and the first time I ever cooked wild boar.

I would normally use beef for this kind of casserole but I knew the boar would be a little gamey and could take on the strong flavours of the red wine and juniper and the dried forest chanterelles.

I braised the wild boar pieces in butter and a handful of crushed wild juniper berries and a couple of rosemary twigs. I added potatoes and onions, carrots a little later as not o over cook them too much. Half a bottle of red wine, half a liter go homemade chicken stock and a handful of dried forest chanterelles. Served with steamed kale and crusty white bread. Happy days! Real comfort food, perfect in the coldest darkest winter.


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