Wild garlic kimchi

With all my abundance of wild garlic I made a batch of kimchi.

I mixed pepperflakes, grated ginger with a little bit of sesame oil and water, mixed the leaves with sea salt and gave them a squeeze and then packed it all tightly in a jar. I topped up with a little water that had been boiled but cooled down. I left out the garlic and anchovy sauce this time.

I will leave this out for a couple of days until I put in the fridge to let the natural fermenting process get started. This will get better over time and last us for the next year. It will take months to develop but I can’t leave it alone, it’s already very good now and as the flavours develop I think it will be amazing. By second thought, maybe it won’t last us that long…

I get my Korean red pepper flakes from SouChef.

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