Wild ramsom pesto with manchego and hazelnuts

Wild garlic pesto with manchego and hazelnuts. A Swedish saying goes: – One uses what one’s got. Indeed! I like running out of ingredients because that pushes me to be creative and allows me to be “unfaithful”. I wanted to make a pesto with the newly foraged wild garlic and didn’t have parmensan or pine nuts. I almost never have pine nuts, I don’t really like them. Parmesan is good but so is Manchego. I didn’t have much basil either… But this alternative pesto with wild garlic, Spanish cheese and hazelnuts is as good as any traditional pesto I have ever made. I don’t necessarily like to stick to rules. What’s the fun in that?

I made one version with the ramson chopped coarsely with a knife and everything else grated for a chunkier pesto and another version where I blended everything in a food processor for a smoother version.

We had the coarser version more like a salsa with roast meat and baked vegetables and the smoother pesto with pasta. I have jars of both in the fridge that I’m saving for Easter.

More about wild garlic here.

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