On a boat in the South China Sea…

I have never known so many Swedish people as here in Hong Kong! It’s really nice to reconnect with the Swedish side and to speak a bit more of my native tongue. Great practice for the kids as well. Some of our new Swedish friends invited us to hire a boat with them for a day. An offer we couldn’t resist! Off we went with bags packed with food and drinks for the day, to pier no 9 in Central where we were being picked up by our captain and skipper. On a hot Saturday morning, we were not the only ones who had had this idea! The pier was teaming with expats ready to party; music blearing from speakers, food being brought in, ice and drinks emptied into eskis.

We found our boat amongst all the other boats and junks and set off through the very busy Hong Kong estuary, past Sai Kung to anchor in Clear Water Bay, a journey of about an hour. We spend the rest of the day swimming in the sea and basking in the glorious sun; all of us saying how lucky we felt being able to do this in October and we weren’t even on holiday.

What first in the morning had been a perfectly peaceful bay soon turned into a bit of a disco bay when a lot of other party junks arrived, packed to the brim with blow up unicorns, doughnuts and watermelons, and frisky party people.  The kids of course didn’t mind this and us grownups tried to close our ears to the thumping music as best as we could whilst sipping on our rosé. The kids had great fun jumping off the boat, try wake boarding and, best of all, go bananas on the banana boat. The sun down cruise back into Hong Kong harbour was beautiful. Such a lovely day! Can’t wait to do this again! But this time, finding a more private spot; staying clear of Clear Water Bay…



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