Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau is a small island just a short ferry ride from Central Hong Kong.  With great walks and hikes, an old pirate hideout, beaches and seafood restaurants – a day trip to Cheung Chau is very worth while! On the day we went it also happened to be a dragon boat race, which was great fun to watch. Traditionally a fishing village, it still is today but the island has developed as a bit of a tourist attraction with seafood restaurants and touristy shops in the central part of the island. We were however the only westerners on the beach that day which made us feel that we were soaking up a little bit of local Hong Kong culture.

With no cars allowed on this tiny island, you end up doing a bit of walking. Unless you rent a bicycle that is, which we didn’t do. We walked through town, the wet market and the dried fish stalls to Cheung Po Tsai Cave on the southwest tip of the island. Ancient legends say that it used to be the place where Cheung Po Tsai, a pirate with a bad reputation, hid the money he robbed. We looked for the treasure of course, like so many people before us, with torches bought from a local man at the cave entrance, but found nothing… We continued to Tung Wan beach where we had a lovely swim before making our way back to the busy seafood restaurants and the ferry pier.

We had a great day in Cheung Chau and will definitely come back to do some hiking here. The fast ferry takes just over 30 minutes from Central.


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