Christmas Day on the Hong Islands

On Christmas day the kids woke up to find that Santa had brought them DADDY! The best present every! He had managed to get some time off and pitched up in the night and snuck into bed. We had arranged a long tail boat to the Hong Islands as a special Christmas Day outing.

Hong Islands are close to Krabi and was an hour and a half’s bout journey for us. The four Hong Islands belong to a National Marine Park and although incredibly beautiful, were also slightly over crowded by tourists. You are best off finding a small beach, cast anchor for the day and hope not too many other long tails or Krabi speed boats will join you. We still had a great time eating a picnic lunch on the beach, visit a few surrounding beaches and visit the famous lagoon. We spend most part of the day swimming and playing with the kids.

For Christmas dinner Mr Chau had prepared a plate of blue crabs for us together with fresh fish and prawns that we enjoyed in the open air restaurant at the Bulan Anda. It had been an unusual and low key Christmas but one in which I didn’t have to cook a single thing. That’s what I wanted, a break from the traditional Christmas cooking. A break from Christmas altogether. All the must’s and do’s and don’ts. Maybe next year I’ll be ready for Christmas again but for now, I’m enjoying the beautiful memories we made on the Hong Islands.

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