We’re moving to Hong Kong!

A year ago we were planning our family holiday and packing our bags to travel to both Asia and Latin America. The goal was to travel extensively that year – to see if that would kick us into gear to figure out where to go from there. We had been in England for 14 years, had itchy feet and didn’t see ourselves staying in England  that much longer, but didn’t know where to go. So we scrapped the plans of redoing the kitchen and put all the money towards travelling instead. To inspire us and to try to figure things out. Little did we know that in under a year we would be moving to Hong Kong!

We visited friends in Australia, ran a hotel and restaurant in a Panamanian cloud forest for a month, soaked up the sun in Dubai, skied in Italy, photographed in Iceland and chilled in Sweden. We trekked through three days solid rain and mud in Vietnam, had our passports stolen and hitch hiked with the agricultural minister of Panama through a jungle. Went deep sea fishing in Costa Rica and lived with indigenous tribes in the Daríen jungle and Kuna Yala archipelago.

We came back from those travels full of wonderful memories but as clueless as when we left. We were nowhere near making any decisions. Normal life started again with that familiar itch always present; still asking ourselves the same questions. It took us eight months before it was clear; suddenly out of the blue one day moving to China seemed the absolute right thing for us to do. After 10 years of throwing around ideas and countless discussions, it all fell into place. Then we had to talk to the kids… Who took it in amazingly well but at first worried about loosing their friends here in the UK. Their excitement, wanderlust and curiosity soon won them over and we had to try to get the kids into school. A notoriously difficult thing to do in Hong Kong… We found out in the end of May that they had all been offered places at the same school and they were to start their new school mid August. This gave us 2 1/2 months to wrap up our lives and move our family of five and a business across the world. Half of our belongings are now on a container ship somewhere out at sea and for our remaining time here in the UK we’re sleeping on air mattresses on the floor.

It’s all happened so quickly! It’s exhilarating, stressful a frightening – all at the same time. But we made a decision! And are so very exited to find out what our new life in China has in store. Watch this space!


Vicky tyson

Best of luck to you! Youll love it. The children adapt so much easier than we do. It was lovely knowing you at Coningsby and taking care of T. What an amazing life you’re having all. Take care xxx Vicky


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