Sweden’s midnight sun

How and what do you write about a country that you know so well? And yet, have not lived in for over half of your life. Am I a tourist when I visit? I guess I am in a way. So I watch and observe.

Sweden is a vast space where we go to have a whole beach to our selves. Where there are no cars on the road, there are ancient moss clad forests and only a boat or two on the lake. We go by boat or canoe to little islands. The boys practice their whittling skills, learn to steer a boat and fish. We catch cray fish and pike pearch. Sleep under the stars and cook over open fires. We swim under the midnight sun. We return to the lakes and forests where I grew up, summer after summer, year after year. Now, I get to re-live my childhood through my children and I so love those weeks on boats and lakes and in forests.

In particular Sweden and Iceland has inspired the new Isak range “Midnattssolen“. Most of our photographs have been shot here as well.

To learn more about Sweden, see here and watch this really cool film which gives a fun insight to the Swedish psyche.


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