Tosca and the Ozone Bar

When you move half way across the world – it really does help to discover that you have great neighbours! Not just great, but absolutely brilliant ones. Ones that are not only helpful in giving tips an advice or lend you kitchen equipment and furniture when you turn up with nothing – but are also brilliant fun and takes you out for lunch that ends with champagne, silliness and laughter! (That we lost phones, all sensibility and memory is another story and completely our own fault)!

It was a special day with special meaning, meaning that it was Sunday and time for some fun without kids. (We also considered ourselves still on honeymoon and, it happened to be the neighbour’s wedding anniversary as well! Fancy that)! Lunch was booked at Tosca with free flowing champagne. Oh what fun! With bellies full of delicious food and a little giggly we decided that it would be a shame to let the day end so soon. We popped up to the Ozone bar. Where we ordered more wine, were amazed by the views and then felt a little cheeky. There are private rooms that you can hire for private dinners at minimum spend of… a lot of $. But both the O2 and O3 rooms were empty! It was that in between time, after lunch but before dinner. Our charming and diplomatic neighbour sweet talked the waitress into letting us stay for an hour. So we locked the door and stayed for three. No one seemed to notice. And there we sat, sipping champagne and taking in the sweeping views of Victoria Harbour in the world’s highest restaurant and bar. Of rest of the evening we remember very little. However, we giggled our way home and have (hopefully) made neighbours for life! Thank you Katrine and Aksel!

Because it often can be chilly under the full blast of the air con in restaurants in Hong Kong, Katrine lend me her cashmere poncho from Sunday Stories, which is a brilliant Norwegian clothing brand, partly based here in Hong Kong. They only use natural materials like cashmere and merino wool and I completely fell in love with this poncho and might have tried to steal it from Katrine but stealing from your neighbour – is just not on, is it? I’ll be buying some Christmas gifts from them though, for sure!


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