Undescovered Thai beaches

Two and a half hours north west of Phuket airport, we found a beach that was largely deserted. We had this long stretch of sand all to our selves for long lazy days in the sun. Just a couple of hours away from the craziness of Phuket, deserted beaches still exist. Just what I wanted for a few days with my boys in the sun.

We drove past Khao Lak which is popular with tourists and kept on driving until we arrived in Bang Lut. An unassuming little village or more a cluster of houses with two restaurants, no shops and one Guesthouse. I had chosen this place because it was outside the main tourist drags and of its proximity to Surin Islands, where I wanted to take the boys snorkling and to learn more about the Moken people.

Our guesthouse was 10 minutes walk from the beach and on the beach there was one restaurant serving delicious Thai food.

A note on Livingroom, guesthouse. Livingroom is a basic and inexpensive guesthouse run by a friendly Swede and his Thai wife. They seems however to be a little tired of it and keen to move on to greener pastures. The restaurant and guesthouse has been on the market for the past 4 years and the owners spends their time shuttling between Livingroom and a newly aquired restaurant in Khao Lak. They leave Kim to run the fort when they’re gone and she does a good enough job. She is very helpful. They helped us arrange some tours in the area and although the beach is deserted – the tours are big and run by big tour operators and are very standard. The guesthouse is in need of renovation; it’s tired, basic and things are starting to fall apart. I chose to stay here because of the low price, good reviews and proximity to the sea as well as to the Surin Islands. During our week here we spend a night on the Surin islands as well as one night in a tree house in the Khao Sak national park. I wanted a base that we could return to without having to pay too much for double accommodation. In hindsight I regret that we did not book better quality tours with Andaman Discoveries, for anyone wishing to avoid mass tourism, these are the only other option that I found. We let our guesthouse book the tours for us in the hope that they would be able to find more local and genuine tours but tours in this area cater to mass tourism and are run by big companies. Andaman Discoveries can design more private trips, but at a hefty price. There is a also the option to go down to the pier yourself, charter a long tail boat and hope for the best. If anyone wants to travel here but stay in a house with pool; you can also rent this villa.


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