Walk from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo

There are two ways to walk to Mui Wo from Discovery Bay; the coastal way past Nim Shue Wan village and the Trappist monastery or the mountain way over Tiger’s Head past the Silvermine waterfall. Both are beautiful and offer spectacular views. A popular day trip is to take the ferry over to Discovery Bay and walk to Mui Wo, then take the ferry back to Central, or alternatively, the other way around.

We always start in Discovery Bay. This walk started badly with our youngest child having a meltdown over walking in the heat and he had to be taken home by dad. From five we were suddenly reduced to three, me and my eldest two. Initially feeling short changed from what we thought was going to be a family day out – it turned out to be a great walk with everyone enjoying each others company so much. Sometimes it’s good to split the family up a little!

We walked past Nim Shue Wan village, a little buddhist temple, past Grandpa’s farm and the tiny allotments growing lemongrass, aubergines and amaranth. There are some lovely little beaches here and some very rudimentary houses. I’m guessing that it’s only a matter of time until this area is developed and replaced by high rises, restaurants and bars. Past the village you climb for about an hour; hard in the heat but the amazing views makes it worth it. Even my 9 year old said so!

Halfway through the climb you pass Our Lady of Joy monastery and the Pax Instrantibus garden, it’s described as a chapel but is more like a garden you can enter and have a quick walk around. You can see the sea views through the leaves. The monastery is home to a number of Roman Catholic monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance, or Trappists. The monastery is known throughout Hong Kong for its cream-rich milk, sold everywhere. The cows have been moved to the New Territories and Trappist Dairy Milk is now produced in Yuen Long. As soon as I read about the milk I had to try it; it is delicious and it makes the most thick and creamy home made yoghurt)!

You climb a little while longer until you reach a view point with great views over Hong Kong and a pagoda. This is a perfect spot for a break before you start the, sometimes steep, walk downhill into Mui Woo. The steepest part has concrete steps put in.  There are plenty of photo opportunities on this walk; they views over the sea and mountains are fantastic. Walking with kids (and stopping to take photos as well as a fair amount of selfies…) it took us 3 hours but you can easily half this time if walking briskly.

It was starting to get dark when we reached the beach in Mui Wo, kicked off our shoes and walked barefoot in the shallows. It was getting to dinner time and we ended our walk like we always seem to do. At the seafood restaurants ordering squid and crab. After that there was nothing left to do than get an ice-cream and the ferry back home!



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